Tour Guide recommended: Perak top 4 Adventurous Hotspots

  1. Tempurung Cave

The cave is probably the largest natural limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia. Billions of microscopic marine organisms had to die and fall to the ocean floor where their tiny shells were compressed into limestone. Then the ocean floor had to be uplifted from under the sea by massive movements of the earth’s crust. Finally rainfall and flowing water had to work its magic for the next 250 million years or so, carving sinkholes, chimneys and galleries from the limestone rock. Meanwhile millions of specs of calcium carbonate contained in drops of dissolved limestone coagulated together at an infinitesimally slow rate to create the wonders of stalagmites and stalactites.
For those adventurous peoples out there, you must not miss this thrilling trip. The cave tour can be divided into four stages: land route (first and second stage) and river route (third and fourth stages): There is a safety walkway and a platform to enter for the land route, it is very suitable for those who does not want to dirty their clothes and unwilling to spend too much time to stay in the cave. Nevertheless, water route is designed for adventurous visitors, to meet their exuberant curiosity. The water route must lead by an experienced guide, or else it is easy to get lost in this winding cave.

Challenge Phase

Land route
First: Approx. 40 minutes, Adult RM 6.00, Child RM 2.50
Second: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes, Adult RM 9.00, Child RM4.50

River route (at least 8 persons traveling together)
Third: Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes, Adult RM 11.00, Child RM6.00
Fourth: Approx. 3 hours 30 minutes, Adult RM22.00, Child RM 11.00

Tempurung 1 Tempurung 2GUA TEMPURUNG 15

  1. Bukit Merah Laketown Resort Theme ParkAlthough it is a new tourist attraction, but it has attracted many people coming to visit it! It has a one-stop theme park facilities to suit for different type of people. The theme park include a waterpark, an Ecopark, and the Ape Island (the Orang Utan Island). There are many resort for people staying away. For forest adventure tourists, you can challenge yourself to join the exciting forest adventure trip. Although the road difficult to walk (especially after the rain), the tourists still can enjoy the natural scenery and the mountains. Visitors have to be cautious to avoid the attack of the leeches and scorpions.

    Opening hours: 10am – 6pm

Bukit Merah 4Bukit Merah 1 Bukit Merah 2 Bukit Merah 3

  1. Lost World of Tambun Sunway City Ipoh

Lost World of Tambun Sunway City Ipoh has the most dynamic, exciting and stimulating adventure rides and stunning tourist attractions. The water park is located in the north south highway of Perak, in the center of Ipoh. In addition, the park was built in the beautiful and breathtaking view of natural lime stones. There is a zoo here, an amusement park, a forest valley, and also an adventure base. The most special part in the Lost World of Tambun is they gathered all the little adventurers, to invite them to explore it for free, with the conditions that they must able to learn about the various animals, and learn about their habits, they have to complete certain tasks in order to get a badge. This is a real entertaining learning experience that able to provide good value in co-curriculum.

Opening hours: weekdays 11am – 11pm

Lost World 1 Lost World 2 Lost World 3 Lost World 4

  1. ATV Adventure Park Larut TaipingATV also known as multi-purpose ATV, is a small open SUV, known as “suitable for all terrain vehicles.”

    For those who love off-road racing, how can you miss ATV Adventure Park Larut Taiping? The off-road racing is not only for the adults, they also provide the kid version of ATV, this park is truly amazing for the adventurous family!

    It is located between the Taiping Zoo and Taiping Maxwell Hill. By riding the ATV through the forest you can experience the stimulation. You can experience the close contact with the nature; feel far away from the hustle and bustle.

    ATV Package as below

    A . Fun Ride – Begin your first ride for 10 minutes or 5 lapse at base camp. RM 30

    B . Offroad Fun Ride
    – Get advance to explore next offroad fun ride for 10 minutes at Kota Sarang Semut.RM 40

    C . Offroad Trail
    – One and half hour journey at offroad trail to Burmess River. Expereince the down hill, mud and river crossing.
    RM 100

    D . Nightride – Come and experience the different while riding in the dark.RM 40 for every 10 minutes.

    E . Speedy Hill – Two hour journey at offroad trail to Speedy Hill and experience the nature along the journey. RM 200

ATV 1 ATV 211072364_10152709705941401_4698824379427715915_n

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm,
Friday between 12.30pm – 2pm closed for worship


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